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Valley Hospice

Welcome to Valley Hospice.  It is an honor to be able to serve the people of our community as well as those around the world.  Our hope is that you will find a great deal of information as well as comfort from visiting our site.      We will begin by telling you what hospice is.  Hospice is a comprehensive, medically directed, team-oriented program of care that seeks to treat and comfort terminally ill patients and their families at home or in a home-like setting.  Hospice works to establish a pain management system as well as symptom control and these are our primary goals.  Hospice also understands that psychological and spiritual pain are as significant to the terminally ill patient as the physical pain that they might be experiencing.  Hospice has a philosophy that accepts death as a natural part of life, seeking neither to hasten death nor prolong the dying process.  Hospice provides care that strives to help patients truly "live until they die" without the fear of dying in pain, dying alone or losing control.      We invite you to explore our site for more information about our hospice and the resources that are available to terminally ill patients and their families.

It's natural to have fears and concerns about living out the remainder of your days knowing that they are soon coming to an end.  It's natural to feel anger well up inside of you and questions race through your mind about how you could have lived differently to prevent this horrible thing. We would like to offer you the assurance that comes from years of experience in working with those who have suffered in much the same way. 

Let's talk about what you should expect. 

You should expect Good Medical Treatment.  The medical treatment you receive should be aiming toward preventing exacerbation of the disease.  It should aim to improve or maintain optimal function.  It should focus on your comfort.

You should expect To Never Be Overwhelmed by Symptoms.  You should never  have to endure overwhelming pain or other symptoms associated with your disease or condition.

You should expect Continuity, Coordination and Comprehensiveness.  You should be able to access the health care professionals that are caring for you at all times.  You should receive timely responses to your needs.  You shouldn't have to experience numerous changes in services, settings and personnel.  If you do have to experience such changes they should be smooth ones.

You should expect to Be Well Prepared and Have No Surprises.  You and your family should be prepared for everything that is likely to happen to you as your illness progresses.  You should know what to expect and have the tools and the resources to deal with those events.

You should expect Customized Care, Reflecting Your Preferences.  You should expect that your wishes will be sought and respected and followed whenever possible. 

You should expect Consideration for Your Resources as Well as those of Your Family.  That includes financial, emotional and practical resources.  You should expect to be told of the resources available in your community.

You should expect to Make the Best of Every Day.  We will do all we can to see that you and your family will have the opportunity to make the best of every single day. You have choices.  You have the right to expect and demand the quality of care that we have mentioned.  Valley Hospice will stand behind you and serve as an advocate for you.  Every person deserves the quality of life that you can now demand.

Grief Support

The Team at Valley Hospice knows the importance of working with family members during a patient's illness.  We also recognize the need to work with that family during the year that follows a patient's death to help them as they work through the complicated process of grieving.  Grief is something that comes in many different forms to each and every individual.   We would like to share with you some of the different things you might expect to happen to you when someone you love dies.

These are all expected and normal responses to grief.  You are not going crazy.  It is important to express your feelings and to talk about what you have and are experiencing.  It is important that you take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally, during this stressful time.  It can be a very difficult time… be gentle to yourself!

Valley Hospice would like to extend to you some other Internet resources available to you.  You can explore any of these sites by simply clicking on the links below.  We urge you to use these resources to educate yourself, to net work with others in similar positions, and to find the comfort that you may be seeking during this time.

AMERICANS FOR BETTER CARE OF THE DYING Dedicated to social, professional and policy reform aimed at improving the care system for patients with serious illness and for their families.

DYING WELL Resources and referrals to organizations, Web sites and books to empower persons with life-threatening illnesses and their families to live as fully as possible during the dying process. 

AMERICAN HOSPICE FOUNDATION This link connects you to the organization's web site and the vast amount of resources available on hospice services across the nation.